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The Ultimate Burpee Workout


Derek Stupski, of Stupski Fitness in Binghamton, NY, demonstrates the dreaded burpee!


This workout is not for the faint of heart and beginners should beware. We all know what burpees are; don’t kid yourself – remember gym class? Yes, those! Those dreaded burpees. However, this exercise is one of the best total body developers around and burns a ton of calories, all while requiring no equipment other than a bit of intestinal fortitude. Try my Ultimate Burpee Workout and let me know what you think!

By the end of this routine you will have completed 100 burpees and push-ups. But that’s not all. I’ve thrown in some other bodyweight exercises so you don’t suffer burpee burnout. There is no time limit for this workout, but you can’t rest until you complete 20 exercises. If you are truly a burpee master, take a two-minute break and start again. See how many times you can get through this workout in the time you’ve set aside to train. The less rest you take between exercises, the quicker you will progress and the more you will get out of this workout. Need to catch you breath? That’s ok. Take a break when you need it and gauge your progress the next time you do this workout. Each time you should be able to take fewer and fewer breaks.

Ultimate Burpee Workout

If you’re not sure how to do some of these exercises, contact me and I can guide you through these moves.

I’d love to know how you did your first time through. For the warriors out there, let me know how many times you made it through and how long it took you. The best one gets a feature right here on my website!

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