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The Filthy 500 Workout


Summer is almost over and the kids are heading back to school. Are you pressed for time as fall sports, school assemblies, and never-ending homework start to overwhelm your schedule? Don’t let your fitness goals get pushed to the side amidst all this chaos. Here is a simple, at-home workout you can do anytime. All you need are a pair of light dumbbells, a step or bench (stairs or a chair will work), and a whole lot of grit and determination! The goal is to see how many times you can go through this workout during the time you have set aside for exercising. Do each exercise one after the other; finishing all ten exercises before taking a break. Rest for a couple of minutes, then repeat. Only have 15 minutes to workout? No problem – push yourself to the limit and see how many rounds of the Filthy 500 you can complete!

The Filthy 500 Workout

The Filthy 500 claims another victim!

Share your experience with this workout and those that are truly hardcore will get a special feature in an upcoming blog! Can you complete ten rounds in 30 minutes? Five rounds in 15 minutes? Go for it and let me know your thoughts! Include some pictures, even if you turn out like the ultimate warrior shown here!

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