A Note On Success...

Success comes in many forms.

Success with health, weight, and fitness, also comes in many forms.

Contrary to what many believe, there is more to being successful than a number on the scale. While achieving a healthier weight for many is a huge accomplishment, I challenge my clients to think beyond the scale, beyond the numbers, and think about what their current weight or heath may be preventing them from accomplishing.

Perhaps your weight prevents you from enjoying certain activities like golf, jogging, or even playing with your grandchildren. Maybe your goal to run a marathon seems too lofty, but what about completing your first 5K? Don’t get stuck on the scale. Think outside the box, outside the numbers, and set a goal that has nothing to do with weight. Guess what? Once you start working toward these types of goals, the weight loss will become a side-effect of your efforts.

I’ve been fortunate to have many success stories over the years. I’ve had people lose hundreds of pounds, run their first 5K, complete their first triathlon, and even get healthier and have families. I’d like to share some of these successes with you.

Take a moment and read some of their stories; hopefully, they will inspire you and help you create your own beyond the numbers success.

Jon and Krista have been some of my most dedicated fitness clients I’ve ever worked with. No matter what the circumstance, they always put their fitness first. They started out as in-person clients in early 2020 before COVID when I lived in the Houston-area and transitioned to distance clients as everyone learned to work remotely. After I moved to Oklahoma City, we continued to do personal training using FaceTime and they never missed a workout. They even maintained their workout schedule during the big Texas ice storm. Now that’s dedication! And when they travel, they reserve time ahead in hotel gyms, or we do a video session from a nearby fitness center and keep their fitness a priority. That’s why I made them my 2020 Clients of the Year!

Krista was concerned when she worked out previously, she would get too bulky, so we decided to change her workouts and focus on high-intensity interval workouts (HIIT) and she responded wonderfully. In just under 6 months, she not only lost 15 pounds, but she also went from a size 6 to a size 2 and gained so much muscle. “I haven’t felt this good since I was in my 30s, thanks to Roger! He really listens to your goals and needs as an individual.”

When we first met, Jon’s goals were to build muscle, lean out, and improve his overall health. As a former athlete, he had nagging stiffness and a loss of flexibility that needed to be addressed. By creating a program to strengthen his lagging body parts to create balance, we were able to improve not only his flexibility but also lessen stiffness he’s battled his entire life. He continues to build strength and hasn’t been this lean since he played baseball. Virtual personal training has worked perfectly for him as he has a very busy work schedule and needs the flexibility of virtual personal training to adapt to his frequent travels.

Vivian proved that even a busy college student can make lifestyle changes and improve her health. I started working with Vivian via Zoom sessions when she started college in San Antonio. She had gained weight late in her high school years and didn’t want to continue the trend in college. We worked on learning how to make healthy choices at the school cafeteria, what kinds of healthy snacks to keep in the dorms, tips on how to avoid stress eating while studying, and even helped her learn college-life survival cooking when she moved into her apartment and started cooking her own meals. 

One of the most effective tools Vivian used was keeping track of her eating with a simple journal. I always told her, if you bite it, you write it! And this really worked well for her.  When we started working together, she only wore size 2X sweatshirts and she tried to hide her body; she didn’t even know what size she wore. 

About 18 months later, she is now a size 6, has lost 97 pounds, a total of 72 inches from her body, and has reduced her waistline by almost 13 inches. 

“Dr. Adams has helped me reclaim the joy in my life; he is the best at what he does! When we started working together, I was 255 pounds, and I was still gaining. I was nervous about working with him, but he made me feel completely comfortable and safe to share my health struggles. 

He listened to my goals and created a personalized plan to help me achieve them. I highly recommend him to anyone struggling with their weight. He changed my life forever, and I am so grateful!” 

Vivian’s hard work and determination are the reasons I made her my 2019 Client of the Year!

Nick is truly a dedicated athlete. He was in middle school when he started training with me. He was already an amazing swimmer, but he was growing so fast he was really having a hard time with his coordination.

I talked with his parents about how strength training would help him improve his proprioception on land and explosiveness in the water and also improve his posture as he continued to shoot up like a tree. He was so dedicated to his sport that he attended my 5AM class before school two times per week for over a year and half. I don’t know many teenagers that would do that.

He gained tremendous strength and improved his coordination tenfold. He was able to correct his running form, learned how to do kettlebells, squats, and dominated plenty of our team relay competitions. All of his hard work translated into several personal bests in the pool later that swim season. He quickly realized how strength training and swimming goes hand in hand.

Nick’s early morning dedication earned him the coveted 2018 Client of the Year Award!

Tim and Theresa were two of my original attendees to my first bootcamps when I moved back to Texas and seldom missed their 5AM workouts, no matter what the finicky Houston weather brought. They trained in thunderstorms, early morning heat waves, swarms of mosquitos, and even persevered through a few frosty workouts. They started training with me to have the convenience of a neighborhood workout and add strength training to their running program as they were training for the Houston Half Marathon.

When Theresa started her workouts with me, she could not even do a traditional sit-up. She had a weak core and chronic tightness in her low back from hours of standing as a schoolteacher. Fast forward a few months and she was able to do 50 sit-ups during many of our timed intervals and won several of our sit-up challenges! All it took was some patience and learning how to strengthen her core the right way.

As a collegiate athlete, Tim still had plenty of athleticism when he started training with me, but he just needed a good workout and wanted to regain some of his strength and flexibility the corporate world had taken from him. By incorporating kettle bells, medicine balls, and lots of burpees, Tim got stronger, faster, and regained much of his flexibility over the months.

Theresa and Tim were able to both post personal records when they ran the 2018 Houston Half Marathon, and they attribute it to adding the strength training component to their training regimen. They definitely earned my 2017 Clients of the Year Award!

Rita was one of the first people I met when I moved back to Texas in 2013. She was also one of my first bootcamp clients when I started doing small group personal training a few years later. 

When she started working with me, she had sciatica that prevented her from easily touching her toes and even jogging short distances without pain. Through patience, hard work, and many sweaty outdoor Houston workouts, she is now running almost every day, doing Crossfit workouts, and can deadlift 225 pounds! 

She has lost over 25 pounds has gone from a size 14 to a size 8 and can keep up with her kids pain free.

 “If it wasn’t for Roger, I wouldn’t be able to keep myself active. So, I thank him for believing that I could run another half, that I could do those burpees and mostly that I could be a more active and better mom for my kids! Thank you, Roger!”

 These are the reasons I awarded Rita my 2016 Client of the Year!

Fitness + Nutrition = Results

You want to look and feel better. You exercise regularly but are not seeing the results you expect. Exercise alone won’t get you to your health goals.

You simply can’t out exercise a bad diet!

As we get older, nutrition plays a bigger and bigger role in our weight management, health, and body shape.

eatrightfitness is your one place to get customized nutrition programs coupled with the right exercise plans for your goals, body type, and health concerns.

No need to go to separate professionals for nutrition and fitness; you get it all here!

I have worked with Ilene completely over the phone and she is one of my most recent distance nutrition successes. I hope to meet her one day so I can see her wonderful progress in person.

Ilene is very diligent with her diet, works out from home (because she has little ones, one of which is not even in school yet), and also inspires her husband to keep in shape!

While having kids to take care of can be exhausting and makes weight loss difficult, Ilene is truly an inspiration and proves that you don’t need a gym to look great!

I have known Troy since I was five years old. He reached out to me several years ago for help with his weight loss journey.

For the first time since high school, he is close to 200 pounds. He also runs three miles at a time and makes time for fitness every day.

This is the same guy that used to only run if someone was chasing him or a coach was blowing a whistle. Now he does it on his own!

Cornelio is one of my best friends and I have known him my entire life. I was extremely excited when he asked me for help.

Look at him now, he is down 120 pounds and went from a 42 waist down to a 30! He feels better than he has in years! I am so proud of him!

"I didn't have to starve myself to lose 135 pounds, I had to make lifestyle changes.

Roger gave me the guidance, knowledge, and support to make these lifestyle changes. I'm happy now, and I couldn't say that before Roger helped me change my life.”

Eric, Austin, TX

"I started working with Dr. Adams when I was 22. I had struggled since I was 13 to lose weight. I had an under active thyroid coupled with the wrong idea of the correct way to eat and work out to fuel my body.

I tried every diet pill and workout plan imaginable and even resorted to starving myself and bulimia. I also spent countless hours working out in the gym. I lost a lot of weight initially but my body did not look good and I couldn't get past my plateua no matter what I did.

A good friend recommended Dr. Adams to me after getting great results with following his advice. After my first session with him, he had me eating double what I was used to and I thought there was no way I was going to lose weight this way! I decided to follow his guidelines and very soon after not only did the weight start falling off but I was building muscle and finally getting results for my workouts!

Finally, I felt like a normal person! I wasn't starving all the time and i was finally closer to getting the body I had been working so hard for! I will forever look to Dr. Adams form nutrition advice and counseling."

-Krista, Dallas, TX

"Beginning in the Fall of 2014 I decided to try and lose weight. I didn't see myself as overweight, but according to the Army standards I was. I started to cut calories, but I noticed instead of losing weight I gained weight. By the summer of 2016 I had gained 10 pounds. After trying all these low calorie/ low carb diets I contacted Dr. Adams. My body just didn't want to lose weight I told him and he said he could get me to where I want to be if I followed exactly what he said. At this point I just felt like giving up, but I thought I’d give it one more try. I had a little less than 2 months to get my weight within the Army standard. With Dr. Adams's help, and lots of sweat and tears, I lost the weight! I fully believe if you have determination to stick to his individualized plan for you, you will lose the weight… I did!”

- Taylor Stephens, 2LT/AN, RN

“I had been fighting MMA for three years before I met Dr. Adams.

I had issues cutting weight as an amateur fighter. I knew before I turned pro, I was in desperate need for a nutritionist. I train at 173-175 lbs and fight at 145 lbs. Trying to cut that much weight on my own was horrible. I felt so depleted with no energy for my fights.

I contacted Dr. Adams and now my weight cuts are so much easier. But the best part is he helps me cut the weight to keep my muscle and strength and also rehydrate properly.

I weigh in at 145, by the time I enter the fighting cage 24 hours later, I’m 168 and fully hydrated with tons of energy! Without Dr. Adams, I don’t know where my career would be. Thank you Dr. Adams.”

-Quaint, Dallas, TX

"I've been scrawny my whole life but Dr Adams gave me a plan that has put me on a path to my ideal physique. This is something that I've been unable to attain until now. It is incredible how, with a custom made meal and diet plan, I've made faster gains than ever before. I now have a strategy on how to enjoy my social life while making proper and informed choices."

-Kevin, Houston, TX

"Roger Adams is a true professional in every sense of the word. Knowledgable, passionate, caring and always up to date on the latest in health, fitness and nutrition. As a fitness professional, I have worked with Roger since the late 90s and can assure you he is among the best in the industry. Roger will not simply fall in line with the latest fad or so-called "sciency breakthrough" but instead he will tell you what has been proven to work peer reviewed research and not just by a popular blog or website.

If you are looking for an informed, qualified nutrition and fitness professional who is a straight shooter and will take sincere interest in helping you meet your goals, Roger Adams gets my highest recommendation."

-Doug, Dallas, TX

"I love to run, and since I began making it a part of my daily routine as a sophomore in high school, that love has only deepened. But I am not much of an eater, on the contrary, when I get stressed or upset, I completely lose my appetite. This is a combination that obviously led to some drastic weight loss in high school, unhealthy weight loss. I walked into my senior year of high school weighing an all time low of 97 pounds. I had gone to the emergency room the year before due to dehydration and malnutrition.  But I could run five miles a day with an hour long ab workout. Luckily, I have great parents, who asked me to work with Dr. Adams to learn what was a healthy weight and how to eat healthy for an athlete. These were thoughts that hadn’t exactly occurred to me—I just wanted to be thin after all, thin and fit. But I truly needed the education I received. Now, after learning that food is fuel and regardless of appetite, running five miles a day (and doing some more) requires cross weight training, and a healthy diet to maintain a healthy weight, a healthy muscle mass, and a healthy body. Now a sophomore in college, I understand these things, and though my weight number on the scale is higher than it once was (thankfully), I am toned and athletic as ever. Because of my time with Dr. Adams, I understand how to maintain a healthy workout and diet regime that truly is best for my body and my love of running. Once again, thanks for all you have done for me. I don't know if she told you but I'll be getting my own apartment/ kitchen next year and fully intend to use that to eat healthier. It got a little more difficult at college but I did maintain my workout regime and a generally good diet."

-RoseAnn, University, MS

"When I stared my collegiate running career, I clearly became a very tiny fish in a big pond. And that's okay! But you can always strive to be the best athlete possible; and of course one of the baselines for that is making sure you have good nutritional habits. As a runner, I always struggled with eating at the wrong times; before and after races, workouts or just an easy day. Additionally, I was never certain as to what foods would put me at my peak performance and recovery. Working with Dr. Adams really helped regiment my eating schedule. I felt more energized and prepared for my workouts, and I recovered a lot faster. His guidance helped my training so immensely; and they are tips I can use for years to come! Everyone needs a little help to become their best!"

-Maddie, Richmond, KY

Roger brings a real world approach to eating. Until I started working with him in 2012, I'd tried everything from Atkins to Weight Watchers and everything in between. And, while I had success with many of those programs, they lacked the dieting principles of what a person can use in everyday life for the rest of her life. I continue to use Roger in my fitness business by referring our clients to him for nutritional guidance.

- Traci Meier, owner Inspire Fitness & CrossFit Sona, Johnson City, NY

“As an international elite gymnast, my whole world revolves around gymnastics! In order to learn about high performance nutrition and how to best fuel my body for optimum performance, I sought out the expertise of Dr. Roger Adams. He was instrumental in teaching me to eat the correct volume of foods and at appropriate times of the day, to help with my 7-hour daily training. His diligence with my meal planning and nutrition during my meets added boosts during competition, were essential in my making the USAG Jr. National Team (2008 & 2009) as well as qualifying for the 2012 Nastia Liukin Cup. Dr. Adams’ nutritional advice will be something I will use the rest of my life for healthy living!”

-Briley, Ann Arbor, MI

(2-Time Junior US National Team Member, 2010 Senior Visa Championship Competitor, Senior National Elite Member)

I started working with Dr. Adams when I took on a summer filled with events including my first marathon, two back to back Tough Mudders and many 5k races mixed in. Dr. Adams helped me change my eating habits to help my body recover and move on to the next race and more training. After that summer, I continued to work with Dr. Adams and also took his advice with training. I added in some speed work and I knocked off over an hour from my previous marathon time at my second marathon just 4 1/2 months later. We continued to work together just checking in and adjusting small things there and there and in the summer of 2015 I signed up for my biggest challenge to date; an Ironman. I began working with a triathlon coach here in NY and continuing to practice all of the advice Dr. Adams gave me surrounding nutrition. Things were progressing well with my training and I was successful completing shorter distances races however, I had to call in the expert (Dr. Adams) when my nutrition plan for my Half Ironman didn't work. The fuel I was using, the amount of sodium, it wasn't right for me so he helped develop a fueling plan that would work. We also adjusted a few things leading up to the race and pre-race fueling. After practicing these tips prior to my century ride in training, I was ready as I would ever be to take on my Ironman. I fueled just like I was instructed all week, the morning of and during the race and I had an EPIC day! It was perfect and I felt amazing. The training carried me through but if you do triathlon you also understand how important nutrition is and I felt fantastic and was literally jumping for joy across the finish line. I have learned so much from Dr. Adams and I always go back to him for advice for all things nutrition related as well as any injuries that may arise. He has such a wealth of knowledge as well as he truly gets to know his clients and can usually reassure me of something even before I say anything. I am beyond grateful and thankful to have connected with Dr. Adams and I will continue to work with him as I set my goals higher and higher.

- Logan, Vestal, NY  

“After completing my 17th marathon, I met with Dr. Adams at the end of January 2019 because I had signed up for a full Ironman in November 2019! As an experienced marathoner, I knew my nutrition was off because in addition to bonking, I consistently incurred muscle cramps and spasms during the last 10k of most races. I knew I would need help to get through a 140.6-mile race. During our first meeting, Dr. Adams asked a lot of questions about not only my current diet and nutrition, but also my training program. Dr. Adams helped me make adjustments to properly fuel my body and recover after my shorter races and longer training sessions leading up to the full triathlon distance. We made modifications along the way, particularly over the summer months to manage my sodium levels, caloric intake, and occasional gastrointestinal episodes. Early on, I shared that I was prone to hamstring injuries and Dr. Adams provided exercises to strengthen my hamstrings and glutes, which I incorporated throughout my training. I followed the nutrition plan Dr Adams gave me the week before, pre-race and during my half and full Ironman races. It worked like charm; I had no gastrointestinal issues or cramping, and I had plenty of energy. I used the same nutrition strategy for my marathon this past January 2020 and qualified for the Boston Marathon. Dr. Adams was easy to work with and always available for questions.  He has a wealth of knowledge about sports nutrition, and he takes a genuine interest in his athletes/clients.  Well fast forward a bit and now the 2020 Chevron Houston marathon is in the books and I qualified for Boston in 2021 by almost 11 minutes! Thanks for the nutrition guidance and advice! I followed the same strategy I used for the Ironman and it worked like charm. I had no GI issues or cramping, and I had plenty of energy during the marathon.”

I started working with Ryan in 2019 and he needed to gain weight. At 6 feet tall, he was almost 60 pounds underweight.

He came to me looking to gain muscle, strength, and just wanted to feel healthy again. He was your typical “hard-gainer” and had tried many diet and workout plans in the past with no success.

After just a few short months, Ryan was able to gain over 30 pounds and feels better than he’s felt since high school. He works out five times a week and he loves the changes he sees in his body.

“I can’t tell you how great it has been working with Dr. Adams. He continues to make sure I’m doing the right things to work on my goal of weighing 175 pounds. I’ve always struggled with weight and never been able to make it past 125 pounds, his plans work! Thank you again, Dr. Adams!”

Don’t get stuck on the scale. Think outside the box, outside the numbers, and set a goal that has nothing to do with weight. Guess what? Once you start working toward these types of goals...

...the weight loss will become a side-effect of your efforts.