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Calling Dr. Adams has been the best nutritional decision I have ever made. I’ve lost over 110 pounds and am enjoying life so much! I am super-active, play on a competitive soccer team, go hiking, mountain climbing, and skiing. -Courtney, Utah


Thank you for helping me understand what I need both nutritionally and physically to accomplish my goals. After working with you, I’ve completed two full marathons, three half marathons, and numerous other distance races. I now feel confident in how to properly care for my body while continuing to challenge myself. -Logan, New York


At 39, I decided to try for a second child. I contacted Dr. Adams because I knew my diet needed major changes. He started me on a eating program that really made me feel amazing. After three months, I was pregnant. I owe a large part of this success to the changes Dr. Adams made in my diet and exercise programs. -Lisa, New York


I wanted to work specifically with someone with a Ph.D. who understood energy demands and nutritional requirements of a category 1 cyclist, trying 20+ hours a week. Over the next four months, I lost 15 pounds and developed eating habits needed to maintain a healthier weight. I absolutely could not have achieved my goals without his help! -Mike, Texas

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Dr. Adams sees clients at his office in his personal residence in Spring, Texas. He will provide the address upon booking your first session. If you would like to send any correspondence his way, please send to:
7312 Louetta Road
Suite B118-123
Spring, TX 77379

Call us

Call us

Please call or text Dr. Adams at (832) 713-8733 to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to help determine if his programs will meet your needs. Have general questions? Feel free to call or text and he will do his best to answer them.

Social and email

Social and email

Please follow eatrightfitness and Dr. Adams on social media channels to learn more about his practice, stay up to date with the latest fitness and nutrition trends, and communicate with him in a fun, relaxed and informative manner. These links can be found at the top of each page or below the form area of this one. He can also be reached via email at


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