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I tailor all my nutrition and fitness programs to work in 90-day cycles. Whether your objective is weight loss, disease reduction, sports performance, or just wanting to learn healthier habits, I believe it takes around 90 days to really identify behaviors that may be keeping you from achieving your goals. I offer packages that include the initial consultation and 90 days of follow-up sessions, including unlimited texting and email support. These packages comprise of bi-weekly or monthly follow-up sessions, depending on the needs of the individual client. After completion of the initial 90-day period, follow-up sessions may be purchased on a monthly basis. I recently moved to Oklahoma City, but am only doing distance sessions via video and phone at this time. I hope to resume in-person sessions soon, but please contact me today so I can answer any questions you may have about how I customize my programs to fit your needs. For specific pricing, please contact me to discuss your needs and how I can tailor my approach to help you reach your goals. You can also get more information on pricing by visiting the “Schedule a Session” area of this website.

In addition to the customized methods I employ with my nutrition programs, another unique approach I use is all of my nutrition programs include an exercise plan to ensure your success. Good nutrition is optimized by a sound fitness program. Healthy living cannot be achieved with just one or the other. Both nutrition and fitness are necessary to guarantee a path to optimal health. Spending over 18 years in the fitness industry has solidified my belief that you simply cannot out-exercise a bad diet; both fitness and nutrition must go hand-in-hand.

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Dr. Adams works with clients all over the country. This is a map representing current and past distance clients throughout the US.

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Weight loss and disease prevention

If you’ve ever wondered if good nutrition guidance could improve your life, Dr. Adams will prove to you that it can. If your goal is to lose weight or reduce your risk of chronic diseases like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, Dr. Adams will create a plan that suits your needs, goals, and lifestyle. No one has the same nutritional needs. Therefore, Dr. Adams customizes each weight loss program to fit your individual needs by working one-on-one with you as you strive to meet your personal nutrition and fitness goals. Dr. Adams believes the majority of nutrition and food issues are behavioral in nature. Therefore, he will work with you on identifying behaviors that contribute to your eating problems and food-related issues. The plan Dr. Adams creates with you will be specific for your needs and goals; you will succeed because the plan is yours, not a one-size-fits-all approach.


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Personal Training and Group Exercise

Even the best nutrition plans fail when proper exercise is not followed. When the right fitness programs are coupled with proper nutritional guidance, your weight loss, disease management, and overall health greatly improves. In addition to his nutrition programs, Dr. Adams offers one-on-one and small group personal fitness training sessions. Personal training services are performed in a small private personal training facility in Spring, Texas. He also performs in-home personal training within a five-mile radius of his office. If outdoor fitness is more your style, he teaches a neighborhood bootcamp-style fitness class in the Spring Creek Oaks neighborhood in Spring, Texas. For more information on this class, For more information on this class, please click SCO Bootcamp

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Sports Performance

Whether you are a professional athlete, high-school star, or a weekend warrior, good nutrition can make a difference between doing your best or coming up short. Dr. Adams works with athletes at all levels and understands the unique nutritional and supplement needs of the athlete. His extensive training and education in nutrition throughout the lifecycle helps him determine the different requirements of the adolescent athlete, collegiate player, and senior golf professional, and all ages in-between. Additionally, each sport has a different nutrition requirement. A soccer player has vastly different performance nutrition needs than a gymnast. Even within the same sport, there are different strategies. A football lineman should have a completely different nutritional program than the punter. Dr. Adams understands the requirements of not only different sports, but different positions within the sports. This helps him put together a customized performance nutrition program to ensure you do your best both on and off the field.


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Collegiate, teen, and Adolescent programs

Good nutrition doesn’t start in adulthood. Dr. Adams believes nutrition education should start early, because picky eating habits can last a lifetime if not addressed. When working with adolescents and pre-teens, he gets the entire family involved in the process. Healthy eaters start in a healthy environment! He teaches his teen and college-aged clients how to prepare healthy snacks and meals on their own, and also helps them learn how to plan good nutrition around those hectic and erratic high school and college schedules. When nutrition is emphasized at a young age, kids grow up practicing healthy habits naturally. Then, when on their own, they have the tools to use to become healthy adults and repeat the process with their own families.


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Distance Counseling

Convenience is important in today’s fast-paced world, so in addition to in-person office consultations, Dr. Adams offers online, e-mail, and over-the phone consultations for all clients, regardless of location. All programs begin with a 60-minute initial consultation. Utilizing webcam programs, this initial session can be online via Skype, iChat, FaceTime or Google video chat; or over the telephone. Based on findings during this period, follow-up sessions will usually be planned on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Follow-up sessions are 20-30 minutes each and can be online or over the telephone. Since each person responds differently, the frequency of visits vary based on present readiness and stage of change. However, in the early stages of nutrition intervention, more frequent follow-ups, such as bi-weekly sessions, prove more beneficial. As progress continues, follow-ups are usually less frequent, changing to monthly sessions.


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Public Speaking and Corporate Seminars

Lecturing college students helped Dr. Adams develop an easy to follow communication style, while presenting complex, and often technical research, in an entertaining, inspiring, and thought-provoking way. He uses this same style when addressing businesses and organizations of all sizes. Over 18 years experience in private practice helps Dr. Adams connect with his audiences in a way that inspires attendees to develop healthier habits and develop a deeper understanding of how nutrition, fitness, work environment, and home life affect health and quality of life. Some of his most recent presentation topics are shown here. Each presentation is customized to the organization or group’s specific needs and interests. Please contact Dr. Adams for price quotes on his tailored presentations for your organization or business.


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