• Are you tired of driving to the gym, dealing with traffic, fighting for a parking spot, and waiting on workout equipment?
  • Don’t want to pay monthly gym fees when you only go a few times per month?
  • Are you bored with the same old workout routine?
  • Looking for a way to avoid all these issues and still get a great workout?


Come to SCO (Spring Creek Oaks) Bootcamp and get a great workout in your own backyard. It’s fun, friendly, and no membership fee necessary. Just roll out of bed and walk over; it’s that easy. No parking; no waiting; no kidding! All classes are conveniently held at the SCO Soccer Field, at the corner of TC Jester and Winding Ridge Drive. You don’t need to be a resident of Spring Creek Oaks to attend, but you do need to be ready for fun and fitness!

Classes are small and all fitness levels are invited. Everyone goes at their own pace; no need to be an expert. We use kettle bells, battle ropes, weights, agility ladders, and more! Of course, there are lots of bodyweight exercises and a few runs thrown in to keep you honest. Twelve years old and up are welcome!

If you are attending SCO Bootcamp for the first time, please contact me and I will email you an exercise liability waiver. Once you get it, please fill out, and bring waiver to your first class. After all, it’s not a good workout unless you have to sign a waiver!

Prices (cash, credit card, or online):

I know schedules can change at the last minute, so rather than charging per attended session, the new pricing will be $99 per month* and you may attend as many or as few sessions as you want! In any given 30-day period, 16-18 training sessions** will be offered, making your cost only $6 a session if you can make them all!

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A $15 per session drop-in rate will still be offered without a monthly commitment.

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SCO Bootcamp Training Sessions will be offered Monday/Wednesday at 5 a.m., and Tuesday/Thursday at 8:30 a.m. at the SCO soccer field at the corner of TC Jester and Winding Ridge Drive. Anyone interested in one-on-one or other small group personal training sessions beyond regular bootcamp sessions should contact me directly.

What to bring to each session: 

  • Large beach towel
  • Water
  • Yoga mat (I have a few extras if you don’t have one)

Please check the calendar below for changes in schedule or special offerings. Contact me at or text 832-713-8733 to be added to the SCO Bootcamp text list, so you will know about special offerings, weather cancellations, and discounts.


*Monthly fee will be charged upon first class visit and renew every 30 days.

**16-18 sessions per month is based on an average calendar month. If, for personal reasons or inclement weather, less than 14 sessions are held in a month make-up sessions will be provided.





Usually at SCO soccer field; can park in pool parking lot by Clubhouse 2 (large pool)


SCO Bootcamp

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