"Beginning in the Fall of 2014 I decided to try and lose weight. I didn't see myself as overweight, but according to the Army standards I was. I started to cut calories, but I noticed instead of losing weight I gained weight. By the summer of 2016 I had gained 10 pounds. After trying all these low calorie/ low carb diets I contacted Dr. Adams. My body just didn't want to lose weight I told him and he said he could get me to where I want to be if I followed exactly what he said. At this point I just felt like giving up, but I thought I’d give it one more try. I had a little less than 2 months to get my weight within the Army standard. With Dr. Adams's help, and lots of sweat and tears, I lost the weight! I fully believe if you have determination to stick to his individualized plan for you, you will lose the weight… I did!”


- Taylor Stephens, 2LT/AN, RN

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