"I love to run, and since I began making it a part of my daily routine as a sophomore in high school, that love has only deepened. But I am not much of an eater, on the contrary, when I get stressed or upset, I completely lose my appetite. This is a combination that obviously led to some drastic weight loss in high school, unhealthy weight loss. I walked into my senior year of high school weighing an all time low of 97 pounds. I had gone to the emergency room the year before due to dehydration and malnutrition.  But I could run five miles a day with an hour long ab workout. Luckily, I have great parents, who asked me to work with Dr. Adams to learn what was a healthy weight and how to eat healthy for an athlete. These were thoughts that hadn’t exactly occurred to me—I just wanted to be thin after all, thin and fit. But I truly needed the education I received. Now, after learning that food is fuel and regardless of appetite, running five miles a day (and doing some more) requires cross weight training, and a healthy diet to maintain a healthy weight, a healthy muscle mass, and a healthy body. Now a sophomore in college, I understand these things, and though my weight number on the scale is higher than it once was (thankfully), I am toned and athletic as ever. Because of my time with Dr. Adams, I understand how to maintain a healthy workout and diet regime that truly is best for my body and my love of running. Once again, thanks for all you have done for me. I don't know if she told you but I'll be getting my own apartment/ kitchen next year and fully intend to use that to eat healthier. It got a little more difficult at college but I did maintain my workout regime and a generally good diet."


-RoseAnn, University, MS

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