"In preparation for a big bike race in the Northeast, Tour of the Battenkill, I wanted to lose some weight as the course is much hillier than courses here in Texas. There are many dietitians, but I wanted to work specifically with someone who had a Ph.D. in nutrition and had worked with and understood the energy demands and nutritional requirements of a category 1 cyclist training 18-20 hours a week. In speaking with Dr. Adams, it wasn’t an assumption on my part that “I know you can do this for me”, it was more of a series of interview questions on my part as to “how are you going to help me lose 15 pounds over the next 4 months without sacrificing power on the bike?”. Through our initial consultation, all my skepticism and concerns were put to rest and, by the end of that talk, I knew I had made the right choice. The sessions with Dr. Adams were critical in making minute changes to my meal plan in order to lose weight and add/decrease calories when needed to adjust to a healthier eating lifestyle. Over the next 4 months, I lost 15 pounds and developed the eating habits I needed to learn to easily maintain a much healthier lifestyle and weight. I absolutely could not have achieved my goals without Dr. Adams’ help as it’s just way too complicated and hard to make “self adjustments” to years of improper eating habits and expect to maintain that healthier lifestyle as your new lifestyle."


-Mike, Dallas, TX

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