“I started working with Dr. Adams in September of 2011. I was hovering between 255-260 lbs at 6 ft. tall. Over the last 4 years, my wife and I had had two children and had severely scaled back on exercising. I had also rejoined the consulting world and started traveling extensively again while continuing to maintain my eating habits and drinking alcohol more frequently. Once I plateaued and started a diet program while traveling to Montreal where I scaled back significantly on my food intake, while increasing my exercise, and then bounced back even heavier again. I decided at that point that I needed something more significant. A friend of my wife’s worked with Dr. Adams while he still lived in Texas and recommended him. Dr. Adams has been a perfect fit for me. He pushes me to be reasonable when traveling and dealing with difficult times where you are going to overeat, not have good choices, or have lots of temptation to make poor diet decisions. Dr. Adams provided small goals, encouragement, and best of all, had first-hand knowledge of how my lifestyle was affected by travel. I am now hovering between 225 and 230, but still headed downward. I have lost more than 4 inches around my waistline and am in desperate need of tailoring for several of my suits. The breakthrough moment that keeps me motivated was when my cousin-in-law who is 6 and can only speak limited English, told me that I had lost my middle and pointed to her tummy. The biggest changes are in energy level, athletic ability (able to run longer and play basketball again at a fairly competitive level), and my overall health. I have high blood pressure and hoping that, at some point, I will have lost enough weight to get off of my medication.”


-Michael, Plano, TX

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