I started working with Dr. Adams when I took on a summer filled with events including my first marathon, two back to back Tough Mudders and many 5k races mixed in. Dr. Adams helped me change my eating habits to help my body recover and move on to the next race and more training. After that summer, I continued to work with Dr. Adams and also took his advice with training. I added in some speed work and I knocked off over an hour from my previous marathon time at my second marathon just 4 1/2 months later. We continued to work together just checking in and adjusting small things there and there and in the summer of 2015 I signed up for my biggest challenge to date; an Ironman. I began working with a triathlon coach here in NY and continuing to practice all of the advice Dr. Adams gave me surrounding nutrition. Things were progressing well with my training and I was successful completing shorter distances races however, I had to call in the expert (Dr. Adams) when my nutrition plan for my Half Ironman didn't work. The fuel I was using, the amount of sodium, it wasn't right for me so he helped develop a fueling plan that would work. We also adjusted a few things leading up to the race and pre-race fueling. After practicing these tips prior to my century ride in training, I was ready as I would ever be to take on my Ironman. I fueled just like I was instructed all week, the morning of and during the race and I had an EPIC day! It was perfect and I felt amazing. The training carried me through but if you do triathlon you also understand how important nutrition is and I felt fantastic and was literally jumping for joy across the finish line. I have learned so much from Dr. Adams and I always go back to him for advice for all things nutrition related as well as any injuries that may arise. He has such a wealth of knowledge as well as he truly gets to know his clients and can usually reassure me of something even before I say anything. I am beyond grateful and thankful to have connected with Dr. Adams and I will continue to work with him as I set my goals higher and higher.


- Logan, Vestal, NY  

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