"I started working with Dr. Adams when I was 22. I had struggled since I was 13 to lose weight. I had an under active thyroid coupled with the wrong idea of the correct way to eat and work out to fuel my body. I tried every diet pill and workout plan imaginable and even resorted to starving myself and bulimia. I also spent countless hours working out in the gym. I lost a lot of weight initially but my body did not look good and I couldn't get past my plateua no matter what I did. A good friend recommended Dr. Adams to me after getting great results with following his advice. After my first session with him, he had me eating double what I was used to and I thought there was no way I was going to lose weight this way! I decided to follow his guidelines and very soon after not only did the weight start falling off but I was building muscle and finally getting results for my workouts! Finally, I felt like a normal person! I wasn't starving all the time and i was finally closer to getting the body I had been working so hard for! I will forever look to Dr. Adams form nutrition advice and counseling."


-Krista, Dallas, TX

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