“I have a rich family history of ill health, including diabetes, congestive heart failure, cancer, and substance abuse. With this history in mind, I have always had the intention to make different choices and to subsequently minimize the impact of my family history on my personal life. However, I have never had a viable plan to fulfill my intentions, and so they remained just that: nagging intentions coupled with fits of disjointed effort. A year ago, I learned of Dr. Adams and eatrightfitness. After a thorough initial consultation, Dr. Adams helped me generate a plan to go with my intentions. He helped me put my vague desire to be healthy into specific and realistic goals, and then he helped me design plans to attain those goals. While working with him, I have learned much about the role that eating plays in my life, how to maintain a high level of investment in my goals, and how to recognize and address the obstacles that can potentially interfere with my continued progress. In the process, I have lost 25 pounds, and I have established sustainable eating and workout habits. Dr. Adams has a unique style that blends his expertise, caring, humor, and insights into workable plans and outcomes.”


-Kathy, Ft. Worth, TX

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