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You want to look and feel better. You exercise regularly but are not seeing the results you expect. Exercise alone won’t get you to your health goals. You simply can’t out exercise a bad diet! As we get older, nutrition plays a bigger and bigger role in our weight management, health, and body shape. eatrightfitness is your one place to get customized nutrition programs coupled with the right exercise plans for your goals, body type, and health concerns. No need to go to separate professionals for nutrition and fitness; you get it all here!

I recently relocated to Oklahoma City from the Houston area, I’m not currently doing in-person sessions, only distance sessions via video and phone at this time. Having sessions this way is also more convenient for you as you don’t have to drive or take extra time out of your day. It’s a win-win!  Also, you aren’t limited to a location; we can talk nutrition and fitness from anywhere in the world your travels take you! Contact me today to take your first step towards a healthier you!

Roger E. Adams, Ph.D., CISSN
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Our Ambitious Goals

  1. Provide customized nutrition and fitness solutions to meet each client’s individual needs.
  2. Teach clients how to make their nutrition and fitness programs adaptable, sustainable, and enjoyable.
  3. Help clients identify their strengths, weaknesses, and develop a specialized strategy to meet their personal health goals.
  4. Involve clients in the creation of their plans to ensure they are taking an active role in the counseling process.
  5. Continue to be a resource for nutrition and fitness education, throughout the entire counseling process and beyond.

Years of Experience

I have a wide variety of clientele, addressing needs ranging from adolescent nutrition to fitness programs for seniors, and all points in between. Although my primary specialties are weight loss and sports nutrition, I have extensive experience and training in many other aspects of nutrition, fitness, and wellness, including:

Nutrition counseling – 20 years
Personal Fitness Training – 20 years
Pre-, post-natal, and reproductive nutrition – 18 years
Corporate wellness seminars – 18 years
Adolescent and teenage nutrition – 17 year
Nutrition counseling for obesity cardiovascular disease, and diabetes – 16 years
Sports and performance nutrition – 15 years
College nutrition and fitness programs – 13 years

Our Awesome Team

Meet Our Team



A native of Post, Texas, I became interested in health and nutrition at an early age. In December of 2004, I completed my life-long goal of obtaining a Ph.D. in Nutrition.I graduated cum laude from Dallas’ Southern Methodist University in 1995 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. While I was a student at SMU, I worked in the telecommunications industry, and after graduation, was hired by Andersen Consulting as a computer network consultant. Two and a half years later, I made a career change, followed my passion for health and enrolled at Texas Woman’s University, in Denton, Texas, to pursue my doctorate in nutrition.By January of 1998, I had taken my first step in my new career and started classes in a nationally accredited Top 10 nutrition graduate school program at TWU. By February, I obtained my instructor’s certification in personal fitness training, and am currently certified by the American Council on Exercise. I am also a Certified Sports Nutritionist by the International Society of Sports Nutrition, as well as a member of the IDEA Health and Fitness Association and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, where I am an active member of several dietetic practice groups: Nutrition EntrepreneursSports, Cardiovascular & Wellness NutritionistsWeight Management and the National Organization of Men in Nutrition. I am also an active participant in the Academy eMentoring Program and mentor nutrition professionals new to the profession.

While taking classes at TWU, I worked full time as a personal fitness trainer and nutrition counselor, and launched my current private practice, eatrightfitness®, specializing in weight loss, wellness, and sports performance nutrition. I served as president of the Nutrition and Food Science Graduate Club for two years at TWU and in December 2004, I graduated summa cum laude and obtained my Ph.D. in Nutrition. My doctoral research focused on conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and its effects on visceral body fat in overweight, resistance-trained men – my research and findings were published in the peer-reviewed Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (jissn.com/content/3/2/28). I was a four-time recipient of the Doris McCarter Brownell Endowed Scholarship from Texas Woman’s University for excellence in the field of nutrition, and was recognized by D Magazine as one of Dallas’ best personal fitness trainers two years in a row.

I really discovered my passion for teaching others while serving as an Adjunct Faculty for over four years within the Dallas County Community College District. Here I taught undergraduate nutrition courses to pre-med, nursing, and other health-related majors, while mentoring many students looking to make a career in the nutrition and fitness professions. I also helped develop their Personal Trainer Certification program and took an active role in sponsoring students in this program.

I have been in practice for over 18 years and currently reside in Spring, TX, with my wife and twin sons.


A Big Thank You for all your help and support. Because of all your expertise & wise judgement, I’m definitely getting to / in a better place physically. Of course this helps me heal and become stronger emotionally and psychologically as well. I’m feeling sooooo much better!! Someone complimented me yesterday on my progress and also remarked on how there’s “ life” in my eyes again. Wow! That touched me deeply and I just wanted to pass along all my sincere appreciation -Anonymus


I wanted to work specifically with someone with a Ph.D. who understood energy demands and nutritional requirements of a category 1 cyclist, trying 20+ hours a week. Over the next four months, I lost 15 pounds and developed eating habits needed to maintain a healthier weight. I absolutely could not have achieved my goals without his help! -Mike, Texas


At 39, I decided to try for a second child. I contacted Dr. Adams because I knew my diet needed major changes. He started me on a eating program that really made me feel amazing. After three months, I was pregnant. I owe a large part of this success to the changes Dr. Adams made in my diet and exercise programs. -Lisa, New York


Thank you for helping me understand what I need both nutritionally and physically to accomplish my goals. After working with you, I’ve completed two full marathons, three half marathons, and numerous other distance races. I now feel confident in how to properly care for my body while continuing to challenge myself. -Logan, New York


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