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“God Bless Blue Bell®?” Why I blame Blue Bell for shaming my great state


I love Texas, but I hate Blue Bell. The Dallas Cowboys, Justin® boots, and beef barbecue are all home-grown favorites, but Blue Bell, even before its latest product recall, didn’t register on my list of Texas favorites.

As grocery stores re-stock freezer shelves with the company’s cold treats, Texans and other U.S. Southerners have a choice to make: Do we go back to Blue Bell? I personally hope many of us won’t be able to swallow the bitter taste the sweet treat company left in our mouths.

Texas pride is awesome, but why are we celebrating a company like Blue Bell? Are we proud that it knowingly profited from tainted ice cream leading to the deaths of a few and sickness of many? This current recall wasn’t a recent lapse – CNN reports Blue Bell knew about its unsanitary issues for more than five years and did not take appropriate action.(

Do we accept that Blue Bell refused to publish its ice cream ingredients online? After many fruitless internet searches, I only found the product ingredients list on a label. If you’re curious, I’ve included them below, and compared them to Breyer’s® Natural Vanilla.

Couldn’t find this ingredients list on their website during the recall. Hmmm… Well, at least there’s no listeria on the label!
Breyers proudly displays their ingredients in an easy-to-find area on their website.










Notice that listeria is an ingredient Blue Bell decidedly left off. With its products now back in stores, I hope Blue Bell left that one out. And as a Texan and nutritionist, I’d ask that high-fructose corn syrup be removed in the future as well.

As I said before, I’m a proud Texan, but I’ve been confused by my fellow Texans’ blind faith in a company that has mired our state’s reputation and ignored good health practices. We have many reasons to be proud, and we should expect more from a company that labels its products “Made with loving care” from Texas. I’m not asking anyone to give up a favorite summertime treat, but I hope in the future, rather than blindly following a brand, we pay more attention to what goes into our mouths.

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