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Forget the Pits – August is Peachy

Feeling peachy? You should be. One of nature’s sweetest treats enjoys its month in the sun every August during “National Peach Month.” Although the fruit is consumption-ready all summer (early June through the end of August), I find August is when they’re the sweetest. I encourage everyone to stock up on peaches this month.

On average peaches contain less than 70 calories each, boast three grams of fiber, and provide significant amounts of vitamins A and C – that’s a lot of good stuff stuffed into a tasty treat. And my advice to all of you peach lovers out there is to always opt for the whole fruit instead of canned because they are not equals. The canned variety (even without sugary syrup) lacks the fiber of the whole peach. So eat up and eat as many whole peaches as you can before the season is over and out.

Below I’ve listed some of my favorite peach recipes. Some are healthier than others, but remember that everything in moderation is preferred over deprivation. My advice is to be mindful of what you put in your mouth and appreciate each bite for the taste as well as the nutrients that fuel your body.

Fresh Peach Salsa
photo by Taste of Home


Favorite peachy salsa: Fresh Peach Salsa. I am a straight up salsa maniac and love nothing more than putting using this on eggs, grilled fish or pork, baked chips, or eating it fresh out of the jar with a spoon (no double dipping though).



Grilled Peaches Jezebel
photo by Tina Cornett via



Favorite healthy peachy side dish: Grilled Peaches Jezebel. My wife and I loved this one for the name alone, but the marriage of mustard, honey, and horseradish with a grilled peach is out of this world. Next time you’re firing up the grill to make a killer meal, try these – they might become the star player.


Country Ham and Peach Panini
photo by Jennifer Davak via


Favorite unexpected peachy treat: Country Ham and Peach Panini. The smoky ham flavor with rich cheese and sweet peaches gets us every time. My sons in particular love grilled ham and cheese, so in the summer adding beautiful ripe peaches is a huge treat for them.


Patchwork Cobbler
photo by Hector Sanchez via



Favorite decadent peachy cobbler: Patchwork Cobbler. This dessert dish is definitely worth a splurge, but only make it if you’re expecting guests and committed to eating just a little. My wife loves to bake and is always looking for ways to appease our family’s sweet tooth with whole-food recipes like this one.



As a nutritionist, father, husband, and food lover, summer is my favorite time of the year. I put on my “Super Daddy” apron and fire up the grill to cook some of the year’s best meals – full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating right is about nourishing ourselves and our loved ones, and part of living well is connecting with each other and with the Earth.

I challenge everyone to spend more time focusing on life’s simple pleasures, and to me, a good peach takes me into that state of mind. It reminds me that my life is indeed very peachy.

Be well.

Dr. A


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