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Don’t Stress About Eating

blogweightloss-300x300It’s late night and you’re frantically trying to beat a last-minute deadline. All of a sudden you have a craving for ice cream, chips, cereal, anything! You tell yourself having a late snack will help lower your stress, but once you reach the bottom of your bowl you feel worse, guilty, and even more stressed. Why does this happen? It’s completely natural to have cravings when you are stressed and these cravings are usually for carbohydrate-rich foods. Having a carb snack when stressed does temporarily calm you down, but this mild euphoria is short-lived. Empty calories are never a good idea, no matter what the situation. Opting for a healthier carbohydrate, like a piece of fruit is be a much better idea. This not only saves calories while satisfying those carb-cravings, it increases the nutrient content of your diet, without any guilt!

These stress cravings aren’t all in your head. Many body processes are involved when you’re stressed. Emotional, mental, or physical stress all elect certain chain-reactions in the body that lead to a lot more than just late-night snacking. For an excellent overview of the effects of stress on your body, check out this blog by Eatfitters™.

Remember, one of the best ways to beat stress of any kind is planning. Stay in ‘action’ mode, not ‘reaction’ mode. When you have a plan, you have a shot at beating stress before it creeps in! Need help planning your meals, diet, and exercise programs? Contact me and I can help you de-stress with a healthy plan!

eat right. be fit. live well.

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